Monday, January 15, 2007

Man flu...and the long way round...

Been a bit sick last week. It started last weekend with a bit of a sore throat and by Tuesday night (after a full days work) i was dying with thumping head and breathing difficulties! So i decided to take Wednesday off cos i was fit fer nahin! Thought i could take the opportunity to read a bit but alas i just wasn't up to concentrating on the page so i took into to watching the 'Long Way Round' DVD (thanks wiggy, i didn't ask you but i knew you wouldn't mind - what's mine is yours!)

If you haven't seen it - you should cos it's fascinating. It is a 7 part series (previously shown on TV) documenting the adventure of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman (best mates) as they travel around the world on 2 motorbikes. Their journey takes them across Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada and the USA in just over 3 months. The highlight for me has to be in
Ukraine when they meet this bloke in the street who invites them to stay in his home for the night. So they follow this guy, supposedly a coal minor, to his home which turns out to be considerably larger than the other homes in the locality. So he puts on a massive feast and invites many friends around for a party and the Vodka is on tap! Later in the evening, the host comes down the stairs with a guitar in one hane and a Kalashnikov rifle in the other! It's hilarious as Ewan and Charlie just take their mafia experience in their stride! Another highlight has to be the interesting array of nuts they get to sample in mongolia i believe - watch it! I guess this is not unlike the movie 'Motorcycle Diaries' if you have seen it but this is a documentary that focuses in more detail on the logistics and struggles of the trip.

Anyway, it was a great way to spend a sick day - i definitely felt that it was not a day wasted as i was inspired to follow dreams and travel more on a motorbike of course!