Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's a big, big, world...

Just visited a site that generates a map of the countries you have visited. I would love to say the grey area is all the countries i have been to but alas they are in red! Just when you think you are doing well in the travelling stakes you suddenly realise that it's a really big world we live in! Not a depressing thought at all folks, more exciting than anything as i ponder where exactly i would like to venture to next - South America looks a bit too grey for my liking - watch this space!

If you feel like generating your own map then click here!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Christmas folks!!!

Well it's been a mental few days to be honest so it's great to be enjoying some rest and relaxation this week! On Friday night we had our Fusion & 20:20 Christmas Fancy Dress party! There was about 40 people there and it was great to see so many people putting in a BIG effort on the costumes! I fulfilled a life's dream of mine and came as Scooby-Doo (zoiks!). Such a good nights craic was had by all! Then Saturday night was the house warming party of my new house. I never thought you could fit so many people into a semi but we packed them in and it was a cracker night. Singstar proved to be the real winner though!

Sunday was the carol service at WPC and i was sharing the sermon with the other leaders. I don't think I've ever seen so many people turn up for a service. The car park was complete bedlam and sadly i think some people ended up going home because there was just no room left. I was really nervous but it went well ( i think) and once it was over i could start to relax for Christmas!

It's great to have the whole family home for Christmas and especially my nephew Daniel who just livens everything up. He is only 13 months but he can say 'Santa' which is very cute. Sadly he hasn't quite managed 'Neil' yet but I'm working on a repetitve programme this week with him so he should have it sorted by the weekend!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lovin the fog and the value of 'thanks'...

It's been great to see the fog in the last few days! Maybe you think thats a strange statement but i went walking down by Oxford Island on Wednesday morning and it was just amazing as you can see in the picture. Alrite i know its been cold and it's rubbish for driving but there's something about the fog that gives a bit of a mystical feel that i really like!

This week has been good. Took the local young people from Waringstown to the Ice Bowl on Tuesday night. I was a bit worried about how it would go i.e. would they drink, fight, get thrown out etc.! But it was a fantastic night had by all! Most of the young people are not involved in any organisations like BB, sports teams or youth clubs and so don't really get the opportunity to go on a lot of trips (outside of school) so they were looking forward to it. There was about 30 of us altogether and everyone had a really good night. At the end of the night I was really struck by how thankful they all were. Loads of them came up and thanked me personally for organising which really encouraged me. Sadly lots of people in the community don't really have many positive words to say about the local young people. I just wish they could hear stories like this.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

No more abuse please!

Ok so i was starting to get abuse on my last post for lack of a recent update - apologies for that! I bought a house and moved in last weekend so the last few weeks have been understandably mental. It has been great though to move in to a house i can call my own (well half of it anyway!). Although you do feel kinda old and sad when you reach a time in life when you have to go out and buy a vacuum cleaner!!! This is a picture of the Hoover TC1182 i purchased - rather attractive im sure you will agree!

No internet in my new house so less opportunity to blog. Although having been at my parents house for my dinner for the last 3 days i think they think the only think that has actually moved is my bed! What can i say except compliments to the chef!

Anyway if you havn't already had the opportunity to call round to my new abode for a wee brew then you are most welcome!