Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Christmas folks!!!

Well it's been a mental few days to be honest so it's great to be enjoying some rest and relaxation this week! On Friday night we had our Fusion & 20:20 Christmas Fancy Dress party! There was about 40 people there and it was great to see so many people putting in a BIG effort on the costumes! I fulfilled a life's dream of mine and came as Scooby-Doo (zoiks!). Such a good nights craic was had by all! Then Saturday night was the house warming party of my new house. I never thought you could fit so many people into a semi but we packed them in and it was a cracker night. Singstar proved to be the real winner though!

Sunday was the carol service at WPC and i was sharing the sermon with the other leaders. I don't think I've ever seen so many people turn up for a service. The car park was complete bedlam and sadly i think some people ended up going home because there was just no room left. I was really nervous but it went well ( i think) and once it was over i could start to relax for Christmas!

It's great to have the whole family home for Christmas and especially my nephew Daniel who just livens everything up. He is only 13 months but he can say 'Santa' which is very cute. Sadly he hasn't quite managed 'Neil' yet but I'm working on a repetitve programme this week with him so he should have it sorted by the weekend!


Jen said...

good to see you had a good christmas and that daniel is well and making christmas even better. I remember praying for him in cell ages ago. Wish i'd made ur house warming, never played singstar!

Anonymous said...

Always touched to see you mentioning Daniel. I will continue your repetitive training programme in Glasgow.