Thursday, November 22, 2007

We'll support you evermore...

Got back from Gran Canaria at about 7.30pm tonight! Just 12 hours traveling to get home, compared to 18 hours on the way there - nightmare! It was a really fun trip even though we didn't qualify. As always, the Norn Iron fans just sang all the way there and back. Below is a couple of videos i took to prove it! The first is on a public bus on the way to the match - it was hilarious! The second is after the match finished and the team gathered to applaud the fans.

It was 29 degrees in Las Palmas and i think i am struggling to re-acclimatise to the harsh N. Ireland temperatures!

Monday, November 19, 2007

We're all off to sunny Spain...

...Viva Espana. So i was there on Saturday night to witness an awesome victory over the Danes. Nearly wet my pants when Healy scored the winner - what a goal! If you didn't see it then you can watch it in the clip below. It's actually a really funny clip to watch as you hear the co-commentator on BBCni laughing the whole way through!

It's great news for N. Ireland fans as it leaves us with a ray of hope that we can still qualify for the European Championships next year. So myself and a few mates are jumping on a plane (actually, make that several planes) bound for Las Palmas, Gran Canaria for the big showdown on Wednesday night with Spain. Direct flights to Las Palmas where ridiculously over-priced because of the match so we are taking the scenic route of Dublin-London-Madrid-Las Palmas! Sure it's only taking us about 12 hours to get there (and the same home!)! It'll be my first away game for N. Ireland and what a showcase to go to!!!

Anyways, i'm leaving at 5.45am so i'd better sign off, do some packing, and get to my bed!