Monday, November 19, 2007

We're all off to sunny Spain...

...Viva Espana. So i was there on Saturday night to witness an awesome victory over the Danes. Nearly wet my pants when Healy scored the winner - what a goal! If you didn't see it then you can watch it in the clip below. It's actually a really funny clip to watch as you hear the co-commentator on BBCni laughing the whole way through!

It's great news for N. Ireland fans as it leaves us with a ray of hope that we can still qualify for the European Championships next year. So myself and a few mates are jumping on a plane (actually, make that several planes) bound for Las Palmas, Gran Canaria for the big showdown on Wednesday night with Spain. Direct flights to Las Palmas where ridiculously over-priced because of the match so we are taking the scenic route of Dublin-London-Madrid-Las Palmas! Sure it's only taking us about 12 hours to get there (and the same home!)! It'll be my first away game for N. Ireland and what a showcase to go to!!!

Anyways, i'm leaving at 5.45am so i'd better sign off, do some packing, and get to my bed!

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