Sunday, October 01, 2006

5 for 30...

When i was in Thailand Stefan and i both made a list of 5 things we would like to have done by the time we are 30 (4 years to go!). I thought I'd throw them up here just so i have a record of them! In no particular order:
  1. Further study, probably theology and definitely part-time.
  2. Live in another (non-english speaking) country for a significant time (at least 6-12 months). This would be a fantastic cultural experience and i would be motivated to learn another language.
  3. Invest a bit more time into music, especially playing guitar and singing.
  4. Get fit. I'm doing zero exercise at the minute and its starting to frustrate me. Ive now blocked out time in my week for exercise so the plan is to join a gym this week and then maybe try and get a weekly game of squash too. If anyone fancies a game then let me know, unless you're really good, then im not available! This one is more of a 6 month plan rather than 4 year!
  5. Get married - hehe! This one seems the most unrealistic probably because i have least control over it but sure i'll keep my eyes open!
I like setting a few goals mainly because it gets me thinking about the things i would like to do. They are not set in stone by any stretch but it's always fun to dream!


dave wiggins said...

get married? you two will have to get one of those civil partnerships with each other to get married!! join the club said...

aah neil that was a bit hard on you and stefan so i thought id tell you how wonderful you are & dave too if you're watching. Want to learn a new language then come to Philippines and join me in learning Tagalog! I can write it and text it but please don't ask me to say it! A lot of words have 13-15 letters in them with few vowels dont know who thought it up.
who knows you might even find that girl you're praying for here - they are all drop dead gorgeous. I sure hope I haven't just insulted all the 20+ girls in emmanuel. God bless, anne mccullough

marianne said...

take it from a granny...thirty's not so bad....thirtyone, even better ;)

no really, i think goal setting is a good thing...and i hope you do some amazing things in your late twenties

girl form portydown said...

I concur. You should maybe go to the philippines to find the girl your lookin for. Norn Irish girls aren't the best like.

girl from portydown said...

I concur. Goals are long as they are only loose plans. Nothin set in stone. And maybe it would be a good idea to pay a visit to the philippines. Quality girls are few and far between in norn ireland like.

Neil Harrison said...

Hmm those are wise words indeed girl from Portadown! Im off to check flights!

SL said...


Il have a game of squash with you sometime...but u will have to wait until at least Feb when I have fully recovered from my knee op..going in for it in couple weeks...woo hoo!!

P.s Tearfund are organising this great event on 1st December for World Aids day to launch their new "Work a Miracle" campaign CHeck out my Bebo page :