Thursday, February 21, 2008

New arrivals...

Updated Post with pictures! First is James and Anna in the pink!

So my family has grown again! Yesterday my sister Claire gave birth to her first children - twins! Baby James Thomas Grogan (4lb 6) and baby Anna Claire Grogan (3lb 5) were born yesterday about midday in Dublin! They were a few weeks early which we had expected but all are happy and healthy, including mum! No pictures yet but i'll stick one up as soon as i get to see them which will probably not be until they move out of the ICU.

I know many of you have been praying for the safe arrival of James & Anna so thank-you for that - God is good. My role as an uncle is steadily growing!

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christopher.boyce said...

Twins! First and second babies all at once! Dear love them, they're going to be in for busy times ahead; that's when uncles come into their own, babysitting duties et al. And sure Dublin's only down the road now , you can be there in a flash. Your babysitting fees can pay for the tolls!!