Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Let the adventure begin...

On Friday morning at 4.15am i will be embarking on a journey unlike anything i have ever experienced before. I will be involved (along with 2 other leaders) in leading a team of 7 young men aged 17-19 to Tuum in Kenya. We will fly to Nairobi (via Amsterdam) arriving at 7pm Friday evening. We will spend the following morning in Nairobi before departing for Tuum in 2 Landrovers. Tuum is 1000km north of Nairobi. The roads are very poor and so it will be an 18 hour drive. We will stop over at a guesthouse during this and arrive in Tuum on Sunday morning. Whilst there we will be involved in building the walls of a staff house at a local secondary school.

Please pray for us on this trip:
  • Traveling safety both there and back.
  • Leaders - wisdom for decision making, patience with the lads & strength when others feeling discouraged.
  • Lads - that they would make the most of the trip and learn more about themselves and others through it.
  • That everyone on the team would see God differently as we learn to rely on Him more than ever.

I will try to keep updating the blog during the trip but communications are not as reliable in Tuum so i will not know until i get there!

Below is a photo of the team:
Back row from left: Adam, Mark, Gareth, Kyle, Reuben
Front row from left: Jamie, Neil, Colin, Nathan, Matthew


dave wiggins said...

not too pretty that team, have a great trip.

Dickie Barr said...

Blessings for the journey and trusting the trip impacts massive
We should catch up again some time when you're back in town

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and wonderful experience...may God bless every part of your journey, both spiritually and physically!
Louise chittick (chris mckees big sister!!!)