Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Apathetic new year...

I hardly slept a wink last night as i start back to work today after the Christmas break. It's a nervousness that always comes over me before resuming work after a significant break. Ive done a fairly good job of not thinking about work at all for the last 2 weeks and now i have to re-engage into work mode and panic sets in as i think of the many things that need to get done!

I hadn't set any New Year's Resolutions as i was somewhat apathetic about the whole thing but as i lay awake last night i resolved to do a variety of things in 2009. Here goes:
  1. I want to know Jesus better, to love him more and to be changed as a result this year.
  2. I want to read the Bible more and establish a more regular discipline. As such, i was recommended a new book to aid me on this journey called 'Search the Scriptures'.
  3. I want to re-develop my regular discipline of prayer and reflection on a Wednesday morning. This had lapsed over the last term and i missed it.
  4. I want to feel fitter and stronger and so will continue to go to the gym and spinning.
  5. I want to read more and will aim for 15 books this year.
  6. I want to say 'yes' more often. Inspired by Danny Wallace and Jim Carey!
  7. I want to be able to pass myself at golf! I got a set of clubs and a lesson for Christmas so would like to improve so i don't embarrass myself!
  8. I would like to have a girlfriend next Christmas & New Year!
  9. I would like to blog more (as i have been apathetic about this too) and will aim for 50 blogs this year!
  10. I would like to carve up some powder in the French Alps with my snowboard.
  11. I want to get out walking more in The Mournes.
  12. I want to start watching the West Wing as i think i will like it.
  13. I want to go at least 3 music gigs this year!
  14. I would like to not waste as much time doing stupid things like watching TV and invest time in these resolutions instead!
  15. I would like to establish a pattern of getting up earlier and going to bed earlier so that i don't feel tired as much!
  16. I want to develop a small peer group around me that meet on a regular basis for intentional encouragement, prayer and accountability.
  17. To re-establish a pattern of journaling in my spiritual life.
So there you have it! Plenty for me to work on in 2009! Have a great day!


Artworks: Sculptor said...

That is a mighty list! I might even take a leaf out of your book and set some new goals myself.

Dinger said...

good grief, that's an intimidating list... but i'll be glad to help you on the golf practice one sometime...

Peter Martin said...

Thats a very cool list!!! Makes me wonder why There was so few Spiritual priorities in mine... Hmmm! Bless ya bro!

Christopher said...

I wonder how point 9 is going and where the picks of the paintballing are? I hear your back got a few hits.