Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chamonix '09 begins...

Im off to Chamonix today for a week of fun in the snow! I was there in 2006 and so i know the resort is amazing! I've never been anywhere else that has had so many pistes to keep you entertained! The sno conditions all across Europe this year are fantastic which makes me very excited!

We only booked this trip last week as we wanted to get a good price. The trade off has been that we are unsure if there will be room for our snowboards on the plane! Sadly they didn't tell us this when we booked which has made this week a littel more stressful but thankfully we have managed to negotiate a plan B should the boards not make it to France!

So really i can't complain, life is good and i have a week ahead of me where all i have to worry about is getting from the top to the bottom of the mountain without breaking anything!

I'll try to post some pics during the week!


Anonymous said...

So.... you are sacrifically snow boarding in France for Lent.... my what a blog after just preaching on giving something up. You realy take the biscuit.

Neil Harrison said...

Hmm, im trying to figure out if this is a friend tryin to wind me up or a serious comment. At this stage i will assume the former and smile and ignore. If i am wrong then please identify yourself other than anonymous and i will respond.