Saturday, December 01, 2007

Have a little patience...

This term in 20:20 we have been looking at the Fruit of the Spirit. Last week was 'Patience' and our in-house drama team decided to put together this little sketch representing one common situation they get really annoyed with - parents! It's really funny so i hope you enjoy it. I think they are amazing and i believe the next episode has already been filmed and is being edited as we speak. I am led to believe that it is even funnier so watch this space!

Maybe you find yourself being impatient? What are some of the things you get impatient about? Here are my top 8, in no particular order:
  1. People who want to try and talk to me when I am watching a movie or TV show like 24/prison break.
  2. Strangers who stand too close to me in queues.
  3. Bank queues that move really slow.
  4. Messiness.
  5. Really slow drivers.
  6. When my PC breaks down.
  7. Family – much less patience for family than non-family.
  8. Technical Helplines where they don’t understand me and I don’t understand them.
Here are just a couple of thoughts and quotes on patience i shared last week.

Our prayer is not ‘Lord, take away all the things that drive me crazy’. No, God wants us to grow in patience through our troubles. Thomas a Kempis wrote:
‘Patience is necessary in this life because so much of life is fraught with adversity. No matter how hard we try, our lives will never be without strife and grief. Thus, we should not strive for peace that is without temptation, or for a life that never feels adversity. Peace is not found by escaping temptations, but by being tried by them. We will have discovered peace when we have been tried and come through the trial of temptation.’
Finally, another fantastic quote about patience i found in Wikipedia:
"Patience with others is Love, Patience with self is Hope, Patience with God is Faith." Adel Bestavros

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christopher.boyce said...

Love the radio in the kitchen! Sounds like a great topic for a sermon!! Watch out Holioaks.