Thursday, December 06, 2007

10th Birthday...

It was 10 years ago on Saturday 6th December 1997 that i gave my life to God. I remember it very well, and some of you probably remember it too! It happened at Mannafest at the Ulster Hall. Sadly, my memory isn't good enough to remember the name of the guy who was speaking that night but i remember he was particularly talking to people who believed in God but had not received him into their life. That was exactly what i needed to hear as God had been messing with my head for about 2 months. Prior to that i didn't even believe in God!

From that moment on everything changed for me. It's hard to imagine what my life would have been like if i had never become a Christian. I reckon i would probably have pursued a career in Accounting or Finance because that's what i thought i wanted to do at that stage.

My faith gave me an understanding of what life was really all about - a new perspective and purpose that gradually changed my goals, dreams and desires. It has been an amazing journey over the last decade with lots of highs and lows but never once have i ever had any serious doubts or regrets about living for God. I have gotten to know God better in this time and yet i still know i have only scratched the surface of who He is. Here are just a few truths that i have collected and stored along the journey:
  • I am not always faithful but God is always faithful.
  • There are times when i feel incredibly far away from God and yet those are the experiences that have lifted my faith to an entirely new level.
  • Without strong Christian friends i would have given up on faith long ago. Thank-you.
  • God is incredibly patient with me and constantly reminds me that He is not finished with me yet.
  • Sadly there are lots of Christians who give God a bad name.
  • God is interested in making disciples not just saving people.
  • I am convinced that nothing else can provide the peace and fulfillment that God brings in a life.
As for the next decade? Who knows? I'm really happy with life at the moment. I love my job at WPC and can certainly see me sticking around for a few years yet. God is stirring many dreams within me for the local area that i long to see becoming reality. Family and friends are both very important to me in providing constant support and encouragement. What more could a young, single but eligible bloke want! ;-)


Steve McCready said...

Well done bro, ten years of living faith and helping others do the same. Incidently ten years ago at Mannafest I heard God speak for the first time, spent 24 hours sweating under conviction and gave my life to Jesus the following night when i went to church. Have a great BIRTHDAY

christopher.boyce said...

Happy (re)birthday.

wiggy said...

happy boifday

Anonymous said...

happy tenth!!!!