Sunday, January 13, 2008

Big 3 for '08...

I know it's been ages since my last post but i make no apologies for that as i had an incredibly busy run up to Christmas and then an extremely relaxing 2 weeks off! Just back to work last week and as i think about the year ahead there are 3 big things that are going to be a major focus in the upcoming months.

Firstly, i will be leading a team of 10 to Kenya in July for 2 weeks. The team is made up of 7 young men aged 17-19 from the local community who are regular attenders of the Basement of Cafe Rigmarole. Myself and 2 other leaders make up an all male team! We will be traveling to help the work of Stephen and Angelina Cowan and their family in Tuum, N. Kenya. We will be involved in building work at the local secondary school as well as getting plenty of time to engage with the local people there and learn from their culture. I am extremely excited about this opportunity which will be my first experience of Africa and i know that the lives of everyone on the team will be changed as a result.

Obviously with the recent unrest in Kenya we have some concerns about the team's future but it is too early to make that decision yet. Please pray for Kenya and it's people at that this time. Pray that the value of human life will become real in people's hearts and that a peaceful resolution will be found.

I am also extremely excited that we will be running an Exodus discipleship programme with some of our young Christians from 20:20. This will include a 16 week discipleship programme that will finish with a 2 week long overseas mission trip to Romania in late July. This team will be led by 2 very capable leaders from 20:20 and i will be taking a supervisory role. We had a leaders training day yesterday and i was so impressed by the organisation and quality of resources provided by Exodus. A fantastic help for leaders.

The team members for this team are currently making applications but we would expect the team size to be around 16. They will range in age from 16-21 and for many of them this will be their first overseas mission opportunity. I am excited because i believe that the course beforehand and challenges and responsibilities they will face in Romania will grow them in their faith! This i believe will have a massive ripple effects in 20:20, our church and into their schools and universities!

The third Big Thing for this year will be the acquisition of the Village Inn pub in Waringstown as a youth and community facility. I am led to believe that we should acquire the premises very soon which is incredibly exciting! This will require the mobilisation of a small army of people to get the place ready for ministry within the local community. Maybe you are someone who could join that army? Have you practical skills to offer or time on your hands? If so get in touch with me and i'll keep you informed.

So as you can see, the run up to the summer and the summer itself are already looking busier than ever but incredibly exciting because it is Kingdom building work that God promises will reap eternal rewards!


christopher.boyce said...

Hi Neil, let me know what sort of help you need for the Village Inn. I'm not sure what sort of help you might need but if nothing else I'll be able to do any IT work. Painting/decorating/fiddly stuff sort of passed me by during my formative years!

Niall said...

Right Harrison we need more Blogidge in little bits more often! "ive been really busy" ...yeh right ;D

wylielad said...

Hi Neil - I didn't make it to the Full Timers day on Thursday so if you were there sorry I missed you! This contemplative book is a weapon, wish I had read it years ago..

A complete randomer is leaving messages on my blog about the 'Harlotry of Rome' and the 'Doctrinally flawed Alpha Course' I think I may need to extend the right hook of fellowship!

Looks like you are going to have a pretty exciting year with preparations for Kenya etc. I will definitely need to head down your direction and see this pub! Sounds great.

see you soon