Monday, July 27, 2009

Romania part 3!

On Saturday we were helping to paint a church centre in Jibou. The team worked very hard and made great progress. In the afternoon we visited a local orphanage. This was tough for the whole team to see children as young as 3 without a home. We were told that most of the 57 children in the orphanage have families but they either dont want them or cant afford them. We hope to go back and spend more time with the children this week but have encountered some unexpected red tape today that means we may not be able to. Please pray this will be overcome as the team really want to go back there. On Sunday we went to church for 2 hours and 15 minutes! It included 3 sermons and was an endurance test for us all i think! We sang a couple of songs and some of the team were interviewed and shared a testimony. They were great! Today we did a childrens programme in a small village which was great fun. The team loved playing with the kids who all seemed to have a great time. It was incredible to see the lads in our team playing with the children without any of the inhibitions they might have at home! We will be back there again tomorrow! Sadly this afternoon, Tyrrell tripped and broke his toe and is now in plaster cast and on crutches. This has been a devastating for us all but Tyrrell has been in high spirits since and is determined not to let it effect the team mood! Please pray for him and us all! Cant believe both interns have broken legs in the last fortnight!

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