Friday, July 24, 2009

Romania update 1...

This building is set to be a retreat centre for recovering alcoholics when finished. At home it would be built in less than 1 yeah and yet it was started 11 years ago. The sad thing is that i can see virtually no progress since last year. The building work is funded entirely by donations which are few and far between. This must be so frustrating and yet God has reminded me as he did last year of the importance of patience, perseverance and faithfulness. I have also been reminded that slow is not necessarily bad as it has meant that hundreds more people have been a part of this project and their lives impacted as a result! This team have blown me away by how hard they have worked and embraced every challenge that has come their way!

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glenavonfc said...

May God keep you safe and give you all the health and strength to do his work in Romania.
In our prayers-The Taylor's at home