Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Duck diving...

This morning i took a walk down at Oxford Island, what a beautiful morning and hardly any flies too which is rare for the Lough! Was watching these ducks for a while and the larger ducks were diving (which is funny to watch!) and coming back up with food which the little ones would take from their mouths (you can see this in the pic) - it was fascinating to watch the selflessness of nature. It got me thinking about that top down Biblical principle where we as Christians have a responsibility to be feeding others. Barnabas did this for Paul who in turn did this for Timothy. I mean if we are not spiritually influencing anyone then what are we doing to build the kingdom? By spiritual influence i mean moving people forward in their spiritual journey which can be pre-faith or post-faith.

I reckon if we as Christians were doing our job right then the world would have a great need of us. People would have as much need in their lives for a Christian as they have for a good friend or a GP. What a picture that would be of people needing REAL Christians in their lives who love them and care about them, not judging them for what they do but instead offering grace & mercy. Sounds like the sorta people i need in my life.

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