Sunday, July 09, 2006

Madness & Streetreach...

Ok folks, sorry for the distinct lack of bloggage in the last week but between Summer Madness and Streetreach, life has been kinda hectic!!! I really only made it back home at lunchtime today and now that I've had a bath I feel much better (I've only had 2 showers in the last 9 days!!!) So I'll fill you in on the happenings. SM was amazing! We had 37 there from WPC and on the whole i think most of them had a ball. For many it was their first SM experience and i think they seemed to enjoy it. Personally i thought the festival was fantastic, the worship times were amazing, especially with Tim Hughes. On the whole the craic was really good and the young people really were no trouble which made life easier for us as leaders! Other highlights for me definitely have to be the Saturday night intimate gig with Foy Vance - it was unbelievable! Also late night chat and banter with Chris on Sat nite until 5am and the birds were singing! It was definitely a good time for me generally to spend a bit more time getting to know the young people.

So SM finished on Tuesday and SR started on Wednesday and i was placed in Sandy Row. I had a great 4 days doing things like litter picking, sweeping streets, doing gardens, playing with kids, hanging out with teenagers at the bonfire site etc. Out of the 1000 people signed up for Streetreach there was about 35 of us in Sandy Row and it really was a great experience. The pic on the left is my team! Showing God's love to people through practical acts of service and kindness really works - people take notice and ask questions which is great. The plan for Streetreach for next year is even bigger and better and i definitely think i'll get involved again.

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