Sunday, July 30, 2006

This week's mental!

This week is Youth Week in church which i have planned and organised. It starts tomorrow morning at 9am. We start each day with some worship and a short devotion, then there are activities planned for each day. Tomorrow we are going to Craigavon Watersports centre which should be fun. I was starting to panic yesterday when i only had about 15 names of young people down (i was hoping for 40) but God obviously heard my prayers and i got a few phone calls tonight from people who want to come so i'm not gonna worry anymore cos God has obviosly got things in control! So given that God does answer prayer, here's some of my hopes for this week and i'll report back here on saturday to let you know when they have been answered! I hope that many young people have a really enjoyable week. I hope the weather stays good especially for Tuesday - Friday. I hope that some of the young people from the village that don't go to church will come along. I hope that our church young people will make an effort to get to know these young people. I hope that some of my volunteers will really get excited and want to commit more of their time to investing in young people in or out of church. I hope we get to repaint the playpark on Thursday.

Thats all i can think of right now! If you pray then please pray for these things! It's gonna be a fantastic (if a little exhausting!) week!

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