Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blogspot, Life and David

So here we go folks, I've concluded that Blogspot is truely the way to go and have decided that I'm gonna blog here from now on. As you can see i set this blog up over a year ago but the whole Blog thing really confused me then! Anyways about 4/5 months ago i set up a myspace because lots of friends and colleagues used it and it was easier for me to work out the basics of html! So yeah now that I'm html fluent (by that of course you understand i mean 'copy and paste' fluent!) I acknowledge that there is only one true blog location so watch this space from now on!

So I was thinking about how i was really in blog training for the last year and then i was reading Samuel this morning about David and how even though he had been annointed king he still had to live under Saul's collapsing and unstable Kingship for quite a while. I guess it was all character building - he was in training too. So then i got thinking about me - i start my new job today with Waringstown Presbyterian (have a meeting with the minister at 12noon - i love it when first days start at 12noon, i think it would be a nationwide policy or somethin!). The prospect of this job has been running roundin my head for over a year now! I applied in November, had an interview in December and got offeredthe post around Christmas time. This has been a long process and at times it has been frustrating but it has definitely been training. During the last year my decision to stay/go changed weekly. I was on a bit of a journey, trying to work out if this was really what God wanted. I didn't want my preferences to get in the way of what God wanted.

So yeah, it has been a good year of training and i'm really excited about getting stuck into working in Waringstown, it's home, where everybody knows my name!

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