Monday, May 08, 2006 & dancing...women & hope!

So i read this quote the other day. It was posted within a friends blog and i just thought it was fantastic!

"hope is the ability to hear the music of the future; faith is having the courage to dance to it today." Peter Kuzmic

I guess it's the metaphor of music and dancing that really grabs me. I think it paints a bit of a mental picture that seems to bring the words Faith and Hope alive - i like that! It's kinda funny cos I had a recent conversation with a friend and of course we got talking about the lack of women in our lives! Anyway, the conclusion we reached was 'oh there's nothing worse than hope!' It was funny and kinda became a bit of a standing joke!

On the contrary, where would we be without hope? Hope in Jesus, hope in eternity, hope in heaven, hope in the plans God has for us, plans to give us a future and a hope! Hope that God has started a work in us that He will complete, hope that God will hear our prayers and be moved into action. Now, there is something to dance about...

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Pete Martin said...

Nice looking blog bro... pity about the banner.... ;-)