Sunday, May 21, 2006

Up the Mournes...

So i went up the Mournes yesterday with 2 friends Stefan and Stig. It isn't something i do very often, usually only 3/4 times a year but i enjoy it a lot and would like to do it more.

It's such a vast and huge area that i really don't know a lot about but there is something adventurous spending a day rambling through marshy ground, scrambling up rocks and climbing mountains (i know they're only really hills to you Americans!) whilst at the same time solving the problems of the world in our conversation!

It was probably the longest day of walking I've done in the Mournes (7 hours) and i was exhausted (I'm not joking i thought my legs were gonna give up on me!), but when it had finished you just felt great. I guess it's a sense of achievement! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed the day!

This is me just taking a break!

Stig on the left & Stefan on the right.


Peter Martin said...

Love these kind of posts... blogs lookin well too! Darn, your making me think of remodeling mine... grrrrr

The Wee Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Love the photos! Incidentally there's a walking festival in the Mournes 23-25th June.

charlie said...

some good shots there. always whets the appetite for a stroll!