Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm blaming the coffee...but embracing the excitement!

Don't you just hate lying in bed not being able to sleep?! Day 2 of the new job involved writing a letter and making a few phonecalls in the morning and then meeting with the trainee deaconess in the afternoon. This evening was the church AGM and my official introduction. It was a social evening held at Edenmore Golf Club with a meal and a short AGM speech (plus a couple of other speches) attended by 110. It was a good night and i was encouraged to have a few people come and introduce themselves although i am hoping for grace in the incoming months to remember names! Also hoping for grace on the dress code front! Minister told me smart/casual (which basically is not helpful) but he'd be wearing a suit! So I'm thinking, everyone's gonna be in suits so I'll dress down and wear a suit without a tie - how overdressed did i feel! Basically my suit only appears on 'special' occassions so i really hope that folk won't be expecting to see me so smartly dressed on Sundays!

So much goes on in WPC every week! My head has been buzzing for the last hour with church stuff. I'm thinkin about strategies, resources, people, programmes, services, outreach, marketing... the list goes on! It really is kinda overwhelming at the moment a)because there are so many people i don't know and; b) because so much happens in the church that it's hard to get my head round!

Part of me wishes i was 3 months down the road and these things wouldn't really be issues (and I'd be sleeping right now!) but a greater part of me loves being really excited about something! I love that i have so many ideas in my head and lots of people to get to know - it's all about embracing the excitement i guess! Well I'm gonna try and hit the sack again hoping for some rest!


Steve Mac said...

Yo Neil. Just think in three months, by God's grace you could still be totally out of your depth and having to step out in faith, mercy and dependance.
Sorry I missed you in a suit...I know how you feel. Everytime I put my suit on I find a funeral service leaflet in the pocket.
Hope things go really well for you. And Rebecca is still looking out for a woman for you!!

John McMullen said...

Alright bro...this isn't as easy as I thought but I'll persevere with it..look forward to reading of your epiphanies