Friday, May 26, 2006

The Editors...

So i was at The Editors gig last night in Madella Hall Belfast. I first heard the band last November when they supported Franz Ferdinand in Manchester - great gig. From then i quickly purchased their album 'The Back Room' and its a great album.

So the gig last night was excellent, the band played most of the songs on their album as well as about 5 new songs a couple of which were great tracks - so i would expect another album fairly soon. The Editors are definitely at the early stages of a journey that should take them far.

I just love concerts, there ain't anything better than being at a gig and really feeling the music as the bass resonates inside you. Also there's something unique about that shared experience with a huge amount of people all enjoying the same thing. One distraction for me was the lead singer who I'm convinced either had Terrets syndrome or was on drugs! He just seemed so anxious and on edge and fidgeting all the time! Anyway it didn't take away from the fact that it was a great gig and this band can definitely put in a good live performance! If you want to sample some tracks click here.

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